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We will be implementing a cash back bonus that will let you earn HQC bucks towards future purchases soon, so keep an eye out for that update. We are acquiring and adding hundreds of new comics and other items on a daily basis so if you don't see it today, be sure to check back often.

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How to Shop on High Quality Comics

Welcome to High Quality Comics where we have over a quarter of a million items in stock ranging including new and collectible comic books, entertainment memorabilia, movie and comic collectibles and action figures, original artwork, old and rare books, toys, hobbies, collector cards, portfolios and much more.

We have new and old comics from Marvel, DC, Dark Horse and numerous independent publishers. We have comics and collectibles of your favorite super heroes, horror, sci-fi, and children's titles. We have collectible comics from the Golden, Silver, Bronze and Copper ages through modern age. We have adult books, children's books, Lovecraft, fanzines, magazines, good girl - femm fatales, etc. We add new inventory on a daily basis, check back often if you don't find what you are looking for this time around.

Please note: By using this site you understand and agree that you must be and are 18 years of age or older as we may have some adult material listed. You understand that we reserve the right to cancel any and all orders for any reason. All items are subject to prior sale, price changes and cancellations. We would rarely if ever do this but some items are on consignment, mistakes may happen with the website, they are sometimes cross posted on our Ebay and Amazon stores and since we are on a first come first serve basis it could happen. We are not responsible for any items that you cannot legally own in your state, you assume full responsibility for understanding, knowing and following your states laws in regards to any item that we may sell.

Regarding mail in orders. While you do have the option on the checkout page to mail in an order, this is not recommended. We only pickup incoming business mail once a week (we ship outgoing orders daily). If you choose to send in a payment then you can expect around a one week delay for us to receive your payment. If you include a personal check you will need to add an additional two weeks waiting time for the check to clear the bank. Waiting time for shipping can be 3-4 weeks. With shipping time being this long and the fact that all orders are subject to prior sale before your payment can clear we do not recommend using a personal check, but we have left this option available at this time for your convenience if that is your only payment option.

Minimum order is $10. Shipping is variable but is generally $4.99 for the first item and $1 per each additional item unless otherwise specified due to weight and or oversize or multiple items.

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